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Our Technology Brings Smiles To Life

Most dental offices send their implant restorations to outside laboratories for fabrication, which means they have minimal to no control over the manufacturing process. At Ohana Dental Implant Centers, our skilled dental implant dentist Dr. Siona Motufau is dedicated to bringing every smile to life leveraging top technologies. He decided to invest in a state-of-the-art lab on site to deliver the best possible tooth replacement solutions at amazing prices. Our skilled lab technicians leverage artistic and restorative skills to craft superb restorations with beautiful, natural-looking results. Designing and fabricating tooth replacement options on site at our high-tech dental lab in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO provides the best possible results. Whether you need dentures, partial dentures, implant-supported dentures, full mouth dental implants, or zirconia bridges we’ve got you covered!

The Benefits Of Our On-site Dental Lab

An on-site lab provides Dr. Motufau with 100% quality control. He oversees your treatment from start to finish, including the fabrication process of your prosthesis. His oversight ensures our skilled lab technicians accurately and precisely customize your restoration with our advanced, leading-edge technology.

Having an onsite dental lab in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO allows Dr. Motufau and our lab technicians to consult with you in person to ensure your restoration is created in the perfect size, direction, color, and shape. This degree of personalization simply isn’t possible when restorations are sent to an offsite dental lab.

In addition to a faster turnaround time, an onsite dental lab eliminates multiple trips to different practices and enables us to deliver clinically superior restorations at significant savings to you.

Advanced Technologies That Transform Dental Health

An intraoral camera allows us to capture close-up, high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, which we can immediately show you on a chairside monitor. This camera is a tremendously helpful for patient education and enhances our ability to thoroughly explain the benefits of specific treatments. In addition to producing highly efficient and accurate images, our intraoral camera increases patient comfort and reduces chair time required for treatment.

Short for cone beam computed tomography, CBCT is an imaging technology that allows us to evaluate your underlying bone structure, nerve pathways, and surrounding soft tissues. This technology is instrumental to planning and customizing tooth replacement solutions because it provides a more in-depth and complete picture than digital x-rays. During a CBCT scan, the imaging machine rotates entirely around your head and captures about 150-200 images from different angles in less than a minute. These are compiled into a single 3D image that we use to personalize precise procedures to fit your unique dental anatomy, thereby ensuring successful outcomes and a faster, easier recovery.

smile technology motafauSmile simulation technology is based on the analysis of your dental and facial proportions. Most blend high-tech imaging and 3D modeling to provide a clear visualization of your mouth and expected results. The process begins by taking 3D photos and videos of your entire mouth at rest and in motion. We feed this information into the design software to analyze the shape, size, and color of each tooth, as well as gum line placement and overall alignment. We share this information with you and together, decide on the best procedures for a naturally beautiful smile that complements your facial characteristics and unique needs.

zirconzhan machine motufauOur on-site milling machine from the inventor of manual zircon-milling technology enables crafting the highest quality restorations from zirconia. The benefits of zirconia as a dental restoration material are well documented. Zirconia provide high compatibility with the human body, offers as much as five times the amount of strength as porcelain and other types of crowns, and resists staining far better than composite ceramic or acrylic crowns. We also offer BruxZir® Full-Strength Solid Zirconia, a biocompatible material that offers superior fracture toughness and chip-resistance. This is an optimal choice for patients that grind their teeth and reduces the need for future reconstruction.

Platelets form blood clots and release of growth factors that promote and maintain healing of wounds. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a concentrated natural fibrin-based biomaterial that enhances wound healing. We take a simple blood draw from you, then spin it in a centrifuge for 10 minutes to separate the strong and platelet-rich fibrin layer from the blood. This is then placed over your surgical sites to hasten healing. PRF has been shown in studies to decrease postsurgical swelling, accelerate fusing of dental implants in the jawbone, improve bone grafting procedures, and decrease the risk of dry socket after tooth extractions, among other benefits.

We Leverage Top Technology To Deliver Above And Beyond Smiles!

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