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Whether you lost a tooth or teeth due to gum disease, injury, severe tooth decay, or a genetic condition, this can change the appearance of your smile and cause an array of other issues. If left untreated, the empty space(s) can negatively impact the alignment of your teeth and cause a number of problems down the road. The loss of a single tooth can have a negative impact on both your oral health and confidence. Tooth loss can affect your speech, ability to chew food, integrity of your jawbone, shifting of adjacent teeth, and encourage bacteria growth that can lead to decay in remaining teeth and gum disease. At Ohana Dental Implant Centers, we use implant-supported dentures in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO because they provide unsurpassed versatility and durability compared to traditional dentures. Although we still offer conventional dentures, most of our patients opt for fixed or removable implant-supported dentures due to their numerous advantages.

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Comparing Fixed Teeth Vs. Removable

The two basic options for tooth replacement are fixed and removable. We offer single dental implants, snap-in implant-supported dentures, fixed implant-supported dentures, zirconia bridges, and all preliminary treatments under one roof. Our state-of-the-art lab and top technologies enable us to create prosthetics on site, which provides many benefits including more convenient and lower-cost treatment, as well as superb, long-lasting results. We understand deciding on a tooth replacement option can be confusing. As such, in addition to explaining everything at your first consultation, we encourage you to educate yourself ahead of time. That way you can come prepared with questions to ask our implant dentist Dr. Siona Motufau and team during your initial visit.

Full mouth dentures supported by implants are an ideal option if you’ve been struggling with regular dentures or have many missing or failing teeth and haven’t received treatment yet. This protocol requires four to six implants and healing abutments per arch, but ideally Dr. Motufau likes to use six implants on the upper and five implants on the lower. The number of required implants is based on your bone structure. Bone grafting may be required to add bone to the ridge. This ensures proper support and integration of the implant with your natural jawbone. Dr. Motufau may perform alveoloplasty, a procedure that helps recreate the natural contour of your gums and jaw after tooth extraction and related bone loss. The alveolar ridge is the bone that surrounds the roots of your teeth. Proper height and width is required for successful dental implant fusion and outcomes. You’ll receive a temporary denture crafted from biocompatible PMMA, unlimited adjustments for six months, and a final restoration custom milled from zirconia. Fixed dentures cost more than snap-in dentures, but offer a wide array of benefits. We guarantee zirconia arches for five years and are confident when we tell our patients they’ll last for 25-30 years or longer!

Some patients prefer removable dentures, also called overdentures. This protocol requires four to six implants for upper arches, two to four for lower arches, and locator and healing abutments. We use the LOCATOR® Implant Abutment System because it offers superior self-alignment that ensures you’ll easily be able to seat your overdenture without the need for accurate alignment and no damage to the attachment components. Both bone grafting and alveoloplasty can be performed if Dr. Motufau determines one or both of these procedures are essential for a successful outcome. You’ll receive a temporary denture, two tissue conditioners, unlimited adjustment for six months, and a premium final restoration created from IPN (hardened acrylic). Snap-in dentures are guaranteed for two years and provide many benefits over conventional options, but they need to be removed for cleaning and may require a few eating restrictions.

The concept is the same for zirconia bridges as fixed permanent dentures except this is a partial solution that replaces conventional partial dentures. The same preliminary treatments can be done including tooth extraction, bone grafting, and alveoloplasty. We mill the crowns on site from high-quality zirconia.

We find that many patients want to complete their beautiful new smile with laser facial rejuvenation procedures. We use the sophisticated Fontana laser to administer SmoothLase™ and LipLase™ treatments. SmoothLase™ is a noninvasive procedure that tightens, tones, and lifts sagging and wrinkled skin around the mouth, chin, lip, and facial areas. It is effective for light to medium wrinkles and improves skin tone by reinvigorating elasticity for a more youthful feel and appearance. LipLase is a noninvasive treatment that requires just a few passes of the laser to help achieve characteristics of ‘ideal lips’ including fullness, volume, the correct balance between upper and lower lips, and a well-defined pink border.

The Pros and Cons of Tooth Replacement Options

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Implant Care from an Experienced Dentist

Dr. Motufau has placed over 4,000 dental implants and delivered more than 10,000 dentures utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our in-house lab coupled with his extensive skills enable our team to consistently provide cutting-edge surgery with excellent long-term outcomes. Our personalized treatment options are designed to precisely fit your smile goals, oral health needs, and financial budget. Our treatment process is straightforward and efficient. The first step on your smile journey is to complete a personalized and complimentary consultation and evaluation with Dr. Motufau in Grand Junction or Montrose, CO. Next, you’ll undergo preparatory treatments if necessary like tooth extraction, bone grafting, or gum disease therapy to establish proper oral health and a strong foundation for your new teeth. In addition to offering warranties on restorations, we guarantee all preliminary treatments for two years.

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Dental implants in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO will provide long-lasting improvements in your health, function, and confidence. We don’t want to see you miss out on the transformative benefits of implant-supported dentures in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO because you’re concerned about the cost! Even if you don’t have dental insurance, we can help you afford life-changing tooth replacement solutions! We partner with two top-rated dental financing companies to help make treatment more affordable. Our financial coordinator is happy to assist you in the process and secure a personalized payment plan that fits your budget. Many of our patients receive instant approval, sometimes without a credit check!

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