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From modern reception areas and operative rooms to our state-of-the-art onsite lab, Ohana Dental Implant Centers goes above and beyond to restore oral health with top-quality tooth replacement options. Unlike some practices, you’ll receive all services under one roof, which eliminates the need to travel to multiple locations or receive bills from different providers. If you have missing teeth and are trying to decide on the best tooth replacement option, we understand various options and price points can be confusing. We’ll thoroughly explain different treatment options and provide you with the full mouth dental implant price in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO at your first complimentary consultation. We’re dedicated to making your journey to a new smile great from start to finish!

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Dental implants are an investment in your long-term oral health and quality of life. Many people look at price alone and choose a practice with bargain basement prices. Unfortunately, implant centers that offer cheap dental implants also treat a high volume of patients, provide assembly line style service, and use inferior implants. A high volume of patients means that less time is devoted to properly planning and executing your dental implant treatment. Working with a dentist that has trained his entire career to deliver life-changing dentures and dental implants will help you achieve long lasting results and maintain a beautiful smile for life. From investing in a cutting-edge lab and employing a nurse anesthetist that administers soothing sedation to using innovative implant protocols, Dr. Siona Motufau leverages the best technology to deliver the best outcomes to his patients.

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Factors That Influence Final Cost

All Dental Implants And Practices Aren’t Created Equal

The primary reason dental implants don’t have a standard price is because no two procedures or practices are the same. Implant fees are based on the type and complexity of the work, outsourcing, and geographic price differences. In addition, variables such as CT scans done in the preliminary exam and the necessity for sinus lifts or bone grafts affect the final price. 

At Ohana Dental Implant Centers, we offer complimentary consultations and second opinions that include diagnostic imaging. Our high degree of clinical excellence coupled with an incredibly competitive full mouth dental implant cost in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO makes us stand out in the crowd.

Transparent Pricing And Financing

Dental implants typically are considered elective and not covered by insurance, although some plans now may pay for a small portion of the total cost. While most of our patients are fee-for-service, Our treatment coordinators will gladly assist you in determining how to maximize the insurance benefits you’re entitled to. We also offer dental financing from two top-rated third-party financing companies with credit available in amounts and timeframes to fit your needs.

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Compare Tooth Replacement Options

In the past, removable full dentures were the only tooth replacement available. Thanks to advances in dental prosthetics and technology, people now have many restorations to choose from when replacing missing teeth, including dental implants, bridges, and fixed and removable dentures fabricated with far greater precision and superior materials. At Ohana Dental Implant Centers, it’s never about our bottom line. We strive to deliver clinically excellent outcomes with compassion to every patient we treat! If you currently wear removable dentures, you may have already suffered some bone loss. Dr. Motufau will thoroughly evaluate the health of your jaw bone to determine whether implant-supported dentures are the best option for you. He’ll also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each treatment and help you make an informed decision about the right tooth replacement option based on your unique needs and budget.

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