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Thanks to advances in dental implant technologies and techniques, people who were once told they were not candidates for conventional dental implants can now be treated successfully. If you’re considering dental implants, it’s important to choose a practice with the right expertise and technologies to deliver the best outcomes. We believe in complete transparency, so we’ll tell you about costs, including the full mouth dental implants price in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO. Although dental implants should be placed when teeth are first lost or extracted to prevent bone loss, Dr. Siona Motufau has vast expertise placing dental implants in the most challenging cases. We frequently get referrals for patients turned away by other practices and individuals that need dental implant restoration. We always prioritize your comfort and convenience, leverage digital surgical technologies, and blend clinical excellence with compassionate treatment. At Ohana Dental Implant Centers, you’ll find a team that is passionate about restoring balance, comfort, beauty, and function to your smile and life!

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The first step in your journey to a restored smile and life is to schedule an initial consultation or second opinion. You’ll meet the Ohana Dental Implant Centers team and our highly skilled implant dentist Dr. Motufau. Dr. Motufau has placed thousands of dental implants and has the advanced training and expertise to deliver all related treatments including tooth extraction, bone grafting, gum disease treatment, and healing protocols. Unlike many practices that offer dental implants as one procedure among a huge menu, our practice is solely dedicated to delivering high-quality tooth replacements. And we deliver top quality dental implants under one roof—from initial consultation to final restorations. Our state-of-the-art on-site lab enables us to maintain the highest degree of quality control and precision when we craft custom restorations.

The next step is to discuss your smile concerns and goals. Dr. Motufau will ask how your current dental condition is impacting your quality of life and what you hope to achieve with a new smile. The answers to these questions will help determine the best strategy for you and also enable our team to provide an accurate estimate for full mouth dental implant cost in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO. Unlike some corporate dental implant centers, you’ll never be treated like a number and we don’t believe in stock smiles. All of our patients receive fully customized and fitted set of teeth that look and feel real crafted with TLC right here at our on-site lab—at significantly more affordable prices than our competitors!

During your complimentary consultation, we’ll take a panoramic x-ray and 3D images with our CBCT scanner of your mouth and jawbone. Using this information, we’ll digitally design your smile, from the color and shape of each tooth to the size of your final arch. We also offer smile stimulation technology so you can get a sneak preview of how you’ll look with a complete smile.

If you decide to take the next step on your journey to a renewed smile, we’ll use these diagnostics to virtually plan your surgery and design a custom surgical guide. Our dental implant treatments are as unique as our patients, with every detail and specification planned and delivered with the highest level of precision. By leveraging a unique digital process and on-site lab, we can deliver beautifully crafted restorations in far less time and less cost to you. You can choose the treatment plan that best fits your smile goals, oral health needs, and financial situation.

Administered intravenously, this type of sedation puts you in a sleep-like state, although you’ll typically remain awake during the procedure. Our nurse anesthetist carefully monitors all your vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse during treatment and afterwards to ensure the anesthesia wears off as it should.

Although dental insurance typically doesn’t cover the full cost of dental implants, we offer financing from two leading third-party financing companies. They offer low monthly payment options to easily fit within your budget. Applying for financing is fast and easy, and we’re here to help you set up the best payment plan to meet your needs. When you choose Ohana Dental Implant Centers to restore your smile, you’ll receive peace of mind and be confident you made the right decision!

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